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My husband & I decided to move out-of-state , due to a job relocation, so we had to sell our house quickly, because I didn't want to stay behind with the house and kids, while he moved ahead.

I knew of Marcela through a mutual friend , so I thought we would start there because I remembered getting a good viber from her and how warm and friendly she was. In past experiences, my husband and I had dealt with many egos in the real estate business and people we didn't trust or those that didn't come through for us in the end, but we didn't have that experience with Marcela. She was WONDERFUL from start to finish. She was prompt, honest, direct, & hard working. You always knew what was going on and she was very good about calling you back, no matter how many times a day we called. I was having a hard time with the move at one point & all the stresses that come along with moving/selling your home, but she instantly put me at ease and listened to my concerns, like a friend would do. I would forget at times that she was my agent because she was so concerned about us being happy/satisfied and getting what we wanted (even if she didn't agree with us 100% of the time). My husband is more of a skeptic than I am and trusts NO ONE, but he was happy with Marcela too and how she addressed any issues he had. If we ever move back to Texas (I'm hoping to one day in years to come), we will DEFINITELY be looking up Marcela again. She will work hard for you whether your house is worth $150,000 or $1,000,000. I'm thankful to have had an agent like Marcela!

Lori Esse Hasenbuhler

Marcela is AMAZING!

We searched for a home in Austin for almost a year before my mom handed me Marcela's number. After a brief introduction over the phone and providing a little information, Marcela suggested I drove up from Houston for a day to look around town. Immediately, she picked up on exactly what we were looking for. She escorted us all over Austin until we found several potential properties - we returned home very excited after a long day. Within the next few days, Marcela followed up with a phone call and emails. She found the PERFECT home for us right away...when we ran into problems with the lender, she remained ever calm and knowledgeable (even when I lost my cool. Several times). She guided us through the entire process and was always available for any questions, concerns and was quick to respond to any glitches. She gracefully saw us through to the end and has even helped us after the sale with questions concerning HOA, utilities, etc. We have remarked many times how grateful we are to know Marcela and have her in our corner. Marcela is a top notch Realtor - trustworthy, experienced, informed, patient, insightful, lively, energetic and hard working.

Lisa Kimball

Marcela has restored my faith in Realtors.

Six years ago I had a bad experience, and entered my contract with Marcela as a skeptic. There is nothing that I needed that Marcela did not provide, usually before I thought to ask for it. Her advice was excellent, without exception. If I could give her six stars I would? Personally, I am happy to know her. She is an intelligent, kind and understanding woman.

E. Whaley

I wouldn't have been able to sell my home if it was not for Marcela.

She is an extremely astute real estate agent, who kept ALL my interests in mind while dealing with multiple buyers. She made sure to protect me from non-serious buyers as well as going out of her way to connect me with potential good buyers. She is extremely professional and helped me get unbiased contacts of many other home-related services such as house-cleaning, etc. My client-agent relationship with her would go much beyond this sale, and I HIGHLY recommend her for all your real-estate needs.

Indrajit S.

You would be lucky to have Marcela as your Realtor.

Our decision to choose her as our Realtor really paid off. With Marcela, we found the home of our dreams in the perfect location -- and were able to buy it before it even came on the market! Marcela was on top of every detail, was very informative every step of the way, and was a great advocate for us with the builder from whom we were buying. She recommended a home inspector who did an outstanding job and she even helped guide us through the extremely detailed mortgage approval process.

James T.

Marcela helped us buy our new home.

She is a very good realtor and I am extremely satisfied with her services. We took a longer time than normal to find the property of our choice due to some special constraints on house facing, floor plan, elevation etc. and she helped us to find the house we need with lot of patience, effort and dedication throughout the process. She took personal care of our requirements, explained the good and bad of each house, showed market analysis for the properties, and always been a good advisor. Some of her specialities include: 1) High dedication and effort 2) Quick response and very punctual 3) Highly professional and knowledgeable. Overall, she is an outstanding agent.

Vijay Anumala

How lucky can one get to be represented by someone of Marcela's calibre?

She is trustworthy, confident, careful, and efficient! As a homebuyer going through the "formal" process for the first time, Marcela made me feel totally in control of the situation and guided me through very tough decisions. She truly is the best!

Diana G.

Searching for a new place to live where you plan to spend many years is an important decision and big financial investment.

It can be extremely confusing and stressful. There are so many things to look for in a new home and so many decisions to make. You need someone whose judgement you can trust and someone you know is putting your wants and needs above everything else. Marcela Alfonsin was highly recommended to me as a real estate agent when I began my search. She was everything I wanted in an agent and much more. She really cares for her clients and gives you her full devotion. She is extremely knowledgeable in the market and honest in her opinions I have bought and sold homes in the past but have never had anyone stand by me and help me as much as Marcela. I will always be grateful.

There are many reasons why Marcela has so many good reviews and she has been named Top Agent.

She helped us through out the process of selling and buying. Since our first meeting with her we knew we found the right person. She really goes above and beyond with excellent customer service. She has a great sense of empathy which made us feel so much confidence on every advise or comment she had/gave. If you are looking for someone who really takes care of your interests and knows the business, Marcela is the agent you want to work with.

Sol A.

Marcela was awesome!

She was extremely patient during our house searching process while we couldn't make up our mind of what we wanted. And then she found us the perfect house that matched what we were looking for. Always responsive and always gave us the real, unbiased information. She is there to be your friend during the house buying process...not someone constantly trying to get you to just buy something. Also, being bilingual was awesome as both my wife and I were confident we always understood every step of the process". We enjoyed working with Marcela so much that we have told several of our friends about her as they start their house buying journey in Austin.

Gabe Webber

We would not be -very happy- homeowners today if it weren't for Marcela!

She was super proactive and let us know about an amazing opportunity, not even knowing if we would qualify to buy in the first place... Turns out we did! She took us by the hand from the get go and walked us through the entire process of applying, building and closing. She was always very informative, incisive and the best advocate for all of our questions and concerns (believe me, there were many!).She was ALWAYS there for us, going above and beyond and making sure we knew what to expect next and how to be prepared for it. Even after closing, she followed up and made sure everything was OK and addressed any possible issues for us. Marcela is just the best to work with! Her bubbly personality makes all the difference during a process that can be long, complex and very stressful. Oh, and did I mention she's fully bilingual?! With Spanish being my first language, I certainly appreciated all the help translating and understanding all the terms. I am confident to recommend Marcela to anybody looking to buy a place in Austin.

Daniela and Brandon

Marcela was a breath of fresh air right from the beginning.

We had been using the services of another Realtor in our search for our first home here in Austin, and were feeling frustrated by the Realtors lack of enthusiasm and ability to get things done. Marcela, quickly got a grasp on what we were looking for and helped us secure a beautiful home that we'd had our eye on. Marcela is very consultative, extraordinarily proactive, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She made the arduous process of buying a home much more bearable and we felt very safe in her capable hands. I would highly recommend Marcela to anyone looking for the services of a professional Realtor.

Kyle Chambers

From the moment I spoke with Marcela on the phone to set up a meeting, I was already impressed.

First of all I live out of the city and needed assistance in selling my Mom’s Estate in Austin. When Marcela met with me at my mother’s home I instantly knew I wanted to work with her. Marcela had such a quiet unassuming nature, but confident in her abilities, that put me at ease right away. She came well prepared with comparables for the area as I had no idea what to expect. Marcela listened intently to my concerns and was very sensitive to my situation. She made several helpful suggestions without really asking for the listing. So I asked Marcela on the spot if she could help me sell my Mom’s house and if my living in a different city would be a problem. And believe me, there was never a problem! I couldn’t have asked for more if I had lived in Austin. Marcela was in constant communication with me via emails, text messages and the phone. She kept me updated about everything, the showings, feedback, etc; even when there were no updates! Marcela would email or text me to say “there are no updates for today”. She never stopped working hard for me. Selling my Mother’s home was very emotional for me and not an easy task. I am so pleased that Marcela agreed to take on the job. I believe the whole experience had a positive outcome because of her knowledge of the industry and her ability to make you feel part of a TEAM!! I feel like she is family! Thank you Marcela!!

M. Sampson

We had an amazing experience with Marcela as our realtor.

She is very efficient in her work, she always listened to our questions and addressed all of our needs and she helped us to find our dream home. Without her incredible work ethic and experience and knowledge of real estate contracts, we wouldn't be moving into our new home. We strongly recommend her as a Realtor. We are sure that she is the best Realtor in Austin, and we owe her everything.

Veronica Krause

If you’re seeking professionalism, market knowledge, and quick turnaround when leasing, selling or buying a home Marcela is the one.

We have worked with Marcela in getting our condo lease, and looking into selling our property. Marcela is always quick and direct in answering our questions; she projects a great sense of honesty, knowledge, reliability and friendliness. You can't go wrong with her.

Rosy C.

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